Parish Life

St. Luke's lives into its Vision - offering glimpses of the sacred to

those who have faith

and to those who do not through

inspiring ministry, learning, celebration

and community service.  

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Christian Formation

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International Missionary Work

Ending Gun Violence

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christian Formation

Christian Formation

St. Luke's is known for its annual Sunday Lenten Speaker Series now in its eighth year. Each year renowned experts, theologians, professors, journalists, doctors, judges, law enforcement officers (to name a few) are invited to share their experience and wisdom on a relevant subject. This past Lent did not disappoint.

Lent 1 - How Evangelicals Elected Donald Trump President—Hypocrisy, Halleluiah or Both?   

The Reverend Dr. James L. McDonald, Forum Speaker & Preacher

President and Professor of Faith and Public Life

San Francisco Theological Seminary (Presbyterian)

Lent 2 – "On Being Muslim in President Trump’s America"

Ms. Ameena Jandali, Islamic Networks Group

Lent 3 – "Embracing the Gift of Discernment in Anxious Times"

The Reverend Kevin O’Brien, S.J.

Dean and University Professor

Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University

Lent 4 – "Now We are Going Up to Jerusalem"

The Reverend Canon Mark Stanger

Canon for Formation, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

Lent 5 – "Miracle Messages: Because Everyone is Someone’s Somebody"

Mr. Kevin F. Adler, Founder and CEO, Miracle Messages

Lent 6 – "When you study others carefully you reduce heat and extend light"

Ms. Arlie Russell Hochschild

Professor Emerita of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

Movie Theology or Theater Theology are also interesting outings the church takes together and then discusses over coffee on Sunday mornings.  This past winter we saw the play The Christians at the San Francisco Playhouse Theater.

In the fall of 2016 St. Luke’s hosted Christian speaker/author Brian McLaren and his “Spiritual Migration” book tour and signing.  In past years we’ve hosted the Celtic theologian John Philip Newell, Sister Helen Prejean (Dead Man Walking) and Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander (Proof of Heaven).

Let’s Talk Current Events

Some Program History.....

Each program year a different series is offered.  In the fall of 2015 it was Race, Gender and Gun Violence.  Billy Curtis, Executive Director of the Multicultural Sexuality and Gender Center at Cal-Berkeley led two forums on racism and gender identity.  His talked was followed by the screening of Traces of the Trade, the story of the DeWolfe family in Rhode Island, a prominent family of businessmen, academic, and church leaders who were deeply involved in the slave trade.

That fall the rector hosted a panel discussion and reception entitled, "The Moral Imperative to End Gun Violence” with city law enforcement, politicians and anti-gun violence advocates.  

serving our neighborhood, city and beyond


Outreach initiatives:

The Inter-faith Food Pantry @ Old First Church

Join fellow St. Luke's parishioners in a morning of serving the neighborhood by volunteering at our Inter-faith Food Pantry.  Over 300 people are given as many groceries as they can carry in a in a cooperative effort between the San Francisco Food Bank and local churches.  Old First Presbyterian and St. Luke’s banded together as good neighbors to start the food pantry in 2010. 

The Next Inter-faith

Food Pantry Event

will be posted here shortly. 

Please stay tuned.

Old First is located at the corner of Van Ness @ Sacramento.  If you can join the cheerful crew in the morning at 7:30, or if you want to know more, please contact Tom Hensley at: -or- Birgit Jacobsen at:  

International Missionary Work

 Mission Trip to Guatemala, July 2016

Twelve members of St. Luke’s traveled to Guatemala on a 10 day mission trip which saw us traveling all over the country.  Were we going to proselytize?  Convert?  No, we were there to offer our simple gifts in Jesus’s name.  We did this through some hard labor, reading and playing with children, and sharing of our earthly treasure.  We owe a debt to Lucrecia Sparks for not only showing us her beautiful native country, but also introducing us to wonderful people who make a difference in their impoverished communities. 

This was St. Luke’s second international mission trip; the first was to the Philippines in May of 2014 to aid typhoon victims in Tacloban and help impoverished children in Manila.

Ending Gun Violence

Our Moral Imperative to

End Gun Violence  

St. Luke’s has been a beacon to those impacted by gun violence.  The sanctuary was full when we hosted a candle-lit prayer service near the anniversary of the Sandy Hook killings last December with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi as our guest speaker.  We also we marched across the Golden Gate Bridge last summer to protest with Moms Demand Action to End Gun Violence.  

A sampling of other ministries:

  • Sponsoring the Our Lady of Guadalupe Spanish-speaking congregation
  • Mother’s Day Baby Shower
  • Thanksgiving Cornucopia and special projects in support of Bayview Mission
  • Angel Tree Christmas gifts for the Bishop Swing Community House
  • Julian’s Guild healing ministry
  • Support of the Temenos Catholic Worker, the Rev. River Simms
  • Two 12-Step Alcoholic Anonymous Groups
  • Halloween Trick-or-Treat Party for Kai Ming Preschool
  • Live music events, from Open Mic Night to organ recitals and concerts


  • Weekend in Wine Country at the Bishop’s Ranch Parish Retreat
  • Mardi Gras-Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper with Zydeco band and dancing
  • Reunion Picnic at Lafayette Park each September with outdoor Eucharist and full choir
  • Gratitude Party each fall celebrating our parish life together
  • Evergreen Fair and Evergreen parties and dinners to raise money for mission trips and rector’s discretionary fund